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How does the drawing of the winning ticket work?

“It is not a drawing. The winning ticket will be determined in the course of the ““joker numer draw”“ of the Austrian State Lotteries that is generally broadcast around 7:15pm on Sundays, and around 6:45 pm on Wednesdays live in the ““ORF2”“ show hosted by Österreichischer Rundfunk, , but also can be watched directly via live-stream at ‘’; a completely random, objective and generally publicly accessible determination of the winning ticket is therefore guaranteed.
At the joker number draw conducted by the Austrian Lotteries, a total of 6 joker numbers are drawn, whereby only the first 5 joker numbers in the sequence in which they are drawn are relevant for the determination of a winner as addressed herein. The specific allocation of the sequence of joker numbers drawn to the ten thousands, thousands, hundreds, tens and units for the winning ticket is determined in accordance with the conditions of participation.”

Which costs has the winner to pay?

All costs, taxes and fees associated with holding the draw as well as drawing up the deed of acquisition and its entry into the land registry shall be borne by the organiser. Any costs of representation that go beyond this, such as representation costs accrued by the participant but also in the sphere of the party eligible for the prize, for acquiring land registry office approval are expressly not covered by the event; instead, they are borne by the participant and party eligible for the prize.

How does it exactly work to give a ticket reservation as a present?

You mark the ticket reservations in your account, which you want to give as a present.Then you klick the button “for present” and fill in the first and surname, as well as the e mil of thedonee
Now you can choose, if we should send an e mail attached a voucher with all needed informtation to your mail adress which you can print and give personally, or if we should send yuor present voucher directly per mail to the mail adress of the donee.
After you finished this transaction by klicking the button “for preset”, this ticket reservationnumber is marked in your account as “given present, not accepted”. After the donee has registered and the given ticket res.number accepted, this number is shown in your account as “given present”.

What is the maximum amount of ticket reservations?

We will accept a maximum of 25.000 ticket reservations of which up to a maximum of 5.000 will be used for marketing activities and sales promotions. Latest we strat the draw for the apartment when there are 20.000 fully paid ticket reservations.

How long do you sell tickets?

The phase of the draw for the apartment follows only a successfully completed ticket reservation phase but at the latest after 20,000 fully paid-for ticket reservations, and of course we hope that it can take place as soon as possible.

How many tickets are already reserved / sold?

From the very beginning we have decided not to communicate how many tickets have been reserved and that has a simple reason:
Let’s assume that under 50% oft he tickets are reserved, too many interested persons would wait with their reservation, as they think it´s still enough time left and no hurry. The project could not be completed because too many would wait.
Let´s assume that 90 % of the tickets are reserved, the information would only be valuable to those who have waited up to the last moment.
We do not want to support this speculation. We are very pleased of all those who like the idea of this raffle of apartment and who do a reservation of one or more lots immediately and help to finish this project successfully.
If you wait too long, suddenly no ticket will be left!

What is the amount of the monthly operating costs around?

Operating costs, administrative costs, costs for heating and energy, as well as the payment for reserves are about € 350,— per month.

Why do we first get ticket reservations?

The phase of the draw for the apartment follows only a successfully completed ticket reservation phase. At this point, the organiser has to pay a gambling levy in the amount of 12% of offered tickets. So in the phase of ticket reservations enough interested persons can be found first.

Who pays the Reas estate transfer tax?

the depositary from the escrow account.

Whw pays the depositary?

the depositary from the escrow account.

Who pays the registration in the land register?

the depositary from the escrow account.

Who garantees the correct handling?

The incoming payments are kept by a depositary on an escrow account set up separately for this purpose. The depositary is also responsible for the correct handling according to the conditions of participation.

When the ticket reservation will be converted into a ticket, do occure any costs for the participants?

No. He already payed for the ticket reservation and therefore nothing else needs to be payed.

Is it possible to give a ticket reservation to a person younger than 18 years?

No. The participants and also the winner must be, according to the conditions of participation, a natural person who at the time of the draw is of age (aged 18 or over) and full legal age and capacity and citizen of the EU, Switzerland or Lichtenstein.

When and how the participants will be informed about the date of draw?

The specific date for drawing the winning ticket number must be notified by the organiser at least 14 calendar days in advance, both on the offer homepage and to the registered ticket owners via the email address they provided when registering. The specific winning ticket number will also be indicated on the offer homepage and a separate notification will be arranged by the organiser via the email address provided for the winning ticket number.

What happens if the winning ticket number is not given to anybody?

If the winning ticket number determined by this type of lottery draw is not registered, a replacement winning number must be drawn, which will be defined as follows:
The replacement winning number is the ticket number that arises when the number 45 (forty-five) is added to the winning ticket number. This happens until a registered winning ticket number can be defined. After 24,999, the series begins against 00,000. For example, were the winning ticket number ‘11,342’, the first replacement winning ticket number would be ‘11,387’, the second replacement winning ticket number would be ‘11,432’ and so on.

What kind of heatingsystem is used?

A gas heating is used in the hole building, the condominium itself is heated by a floor heating.


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