TICKET-RESERVATIONS – a special present !

for birthday, for a wedding, for a nice friend ….

  1. you register and buy ticket reservations for Traumwohnung Seefeld/Tirol
  2. after successful reservation and payment, your ticket reservations are listed in your “personal access”
  3. mark the ticket reservations you want to give as a present, fill in the first name and surname, as well as email address of the persons you want to pass it
  4. you can choose if you want to print the ticket reservation and hand it out personally or if we should send the ticket reservation with an email directly to the donee
  5. the donee needs to register and accept the ticket reservations
  6. until this moment, or in the event of doubt, you remain the owner of the ticket reservation and the associated rights

… if you got a ticket reservation as a present, you come to the page to accept with the button below …

accept present
Save ticket for only € 49,-